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  Norngarden Ship     The Norngarden

The Norngarden is a room agent developed by Helen and Tomtschek and in my opinion, is one of the best 3rd party addons available for Docking Station or Creatures3.  The Norngarden environment is about equal in size to the Norn Meso and thus doubles the Norn habitat.


The wide variety of plant life in the garden such as the Bromse, Eggtree and Mannylowberry provide beautiful decoration as well as tasty food for the Norns.  The Tomeko, half plant half critter, spends some of its time as a green bouncy lizard and the remaining time as a plant, producing fruit that looks a bit like a tomato.  The little blue fish that inhabit the pond feed off nuts that fall from the fishnut tree.  During the winter, some of these fish will undergo a change, become a rather peculiar looking amphibian and proceed to munch all food within reach.  They then return to the pond in spring to lay their eggs and create future generations.

There are many more little gems to be discovered including plants that provide entertainment for the Norns but I'll leave their discovery up to the reader.  Tomtschek and Helen have plans for future expansion to make a complete "ship" with multiple rooms similar to the Docking Station starship.  You can find the "free" Norngarden download and check for future expansion packs at the Norngarden Homepage.

My Agents

Frisbee  Frisbee Toy   zip file

This "frisbee like" toy provides a bit of entertainment for your Norns when they get bored.

3/31/02 version 1.1 update: A catalogue file has been added.

Guitar  Grendel-Hardman Guitar  zip file

This is a toy agent for the amusement of your Hardman Norns or Grendels.  The Creatures 2 sprites have been converted for Docking Station and new guitar rifts have been added.  This release is dedicated to Joe Walsh, one of my favorite guitar players who never failed to bring a smile to my face.  Enjoy!

Agents Useful for Feral or Wolfling Runs

Agents by Tina Hirsch.

Ghostcam  Ghostcam   zip file

This agent removes all the dead creature bodies during long Feral or Wolfling Runs.  It keeps statistics of all deaths in the world and you can switch on/off a fastmode similar to the one from the wolfcontrol (when this option is on you see the image above).

Wolfmon   Wolfling Monitor   zip file

This agent is designed to monitor your creatures during a Feral or Wolfling Run. It has a statistic and an export function, names your creatures if unnamed and has the ability to monitor up to 15 different chemicals.  It prints statistics about your creatures into wolfmon.html in the current world's journal directory based on a user set time interval.

Tux  Tux   zip file

What would Linux DS be without the Linux mascot?  Tux decreases your Norn's loneliness, anger and boredom when he/she plays with him or holds him.

Agents by Andy Ingham .

Norn Stats  Norn Stats

This agent adds a panel to the left of the screen that displays various information about your creatures, including their age, life stage, generation and if they have been through the warp.  In addition to this it checks for possible immortal and fast-aging creatures while updating every 15 seconds.

Medical Monitor  Medical Monitor

This agent adds a panel to the left of the screen that displays the bacteria and toxin levels of all your creatures while updating every 5 seconds.  If any bacteria or toxins are found then a short alarm will sound and the green cross on the edge of the tab will turn red.

Agents by Mark Ashton.

HealthBar   HealthBar   zip file

This agent displays a bar graph that follows the selected creature, displays what she/he is thinking and graphs 13 Life chemicals.

Agents by Prime.

Plants   Plants 1  zip file  and Plants 2  zip file

These two agent packs, Plants 1 and Plants 2, provide extra food in the Norn Meso for the Norns during long Wolfling or Feral Runs as well as beautify the Norn habitat.  Plants 1 provides the Miniapple Tree, the Passionfruit Vine and the Kumquat Tree while Plants 2 provides the Muco Vine, the Orchid Pod and the Oak Tree.

Installation note:

All 3rd party .agents files need to be installed in either the /usr/local/games/dockingstation/My Agents directory for system wide use or the user's ~/.dockingstation/My Agents directory for personal use.  Agents can be injected by entering the Comms Room within DS, clicking on the Agent Injector Icon and then choosing which agent to inject by highlighting the agent and clicking on the green arrow.